Winter Distractions

Sources of inspiration, information and education about gardens, environment, nature, benefits of green, sustainable cities There are many online sources for video recordings primarily documentaries, educational videotapes and some movies, the easiest way to find information on a particular subject is to Google the topic and add movie/film or documentary after the subject.

Most links should be clickable, if not copy and paste into your browser.
Options Top documentary films has hundreds of choices, their library is sorted into categories, it easier to find topics you find interesting by searching for a keyword has many films and documentaries, high picture quality, can be searched by keyword a free online film archive to watch films (documentaries, short films, talks & more). There are many fascinating features on this site in a wide range of subjects, some are listed below ** not the easiest site to search; search by keyword is simplest YouTube, many videos are very short, sometimes the picture quality is not good, or they have been uploaded in a language other than English; it is worth searching for all manner of garden related information especially how to information. Many university and colleges upload educational material to YouTube. The Internet Archive is a digital library of Internet sites, movies, videos and books, a search for garden movies/videos has 3,238 results, and 11,607 results for books, magazines and periodicals, dated from the 1850s to the present. An account is not required, most printed material is downloadable.

Amazon Prime-movies and videos, rental or purchase, yearly membership cost includes free delivery on many Amazon items

Netflix-has some garden related offerings, many are available at no cost on other platforms