Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries in our 2022-2023 Photo Contest. The photos will be on display at our November AGM when the winners will be announced!

Our Annual professionally judged photo contest categories for this year have been announced: 2023-2024 Photo Contest

Photo submissions are due at the September 2024 meeting.

Streetsville Horticultural Society

Photo Contest 2023 – 2024

Class 1                       Fall Harvest

Class 2                       Explosion of Colour

Class 3                       Cloud & Sky (only)

Class 4                       Your Best Photo (not black & white)

Class 5                       Spring Blossoms

Class 6                       Winter Delight

All categories are NATURE RELATED

Suggestion:  Keep this list in your camera case, your wallet, or your pocket for reference when you are taking photos.

Photo Contest Rules

  • Closing date for photos is August 31, 2024.
  • Photos are to be submitted at the September 2024 meeting.
  • All pictures must have been taken by the competitor and should be nature related.
  • Coloured photos, unless otherwise specified, no larger than 4” x 6”.
  • One entry per class per single membership.
  • Two entries per class, one per person in a family membership.
  • The photo will be rejected if it does not meet the category.
  • Previously submitted photos not allowed.
  • Photos are to be taken between September 1, 2023, and August 31, 2024.
  • Assign a class # to each photo and put them in an envelope with your name on it and bring them to the September 2024 meeting.