Leslie Log House

The Leslie Log House was built by John Leslie, who arrived in Toronto Township from Scotland in 1824. His son, John Leslie Jr. is credited with being the architect of the Barber House in Streetsville, the Hammond House in Erindale, and Benares in Clarkson.

While most early log homes were gradually replaced by larger dwellings, the Leslie Log House remained in use as a family home for most of its history. In May of 1994 the house was relocated from its original location north of Streetsville to where it currently stands today – 4415 Mississauga Road.

The Leslie Log House is owned by the City of Mississauga and it is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act – it is also the home of the Streetsville Historical Society and Archives.

In January of 2010, Streetsville Horticultural Society offered to plant and maintain the future gardens at the Leslie Log House. A few volunteers from our Society met with City planning and offered our services. Originally the plants and
fences were to be supplied by the City but the project ran over budget and the fence and garden was left up in the air.
SHS approached Sheridan Nurseries  who graciously donated all of the shrubs and perennials to the property. City staff located the split rails for the fence and we were off. The fence was installed, beds were dug and amended, shrubs and perennials were planted.

We had a shed built and stained it to match the log house and placed a “quarter moon” on the door to make it look like a privy. Each year annuals are added to the bed to fill in empty spots and volunteers work weekly from spring until fall weeding and maintaining the gardens. Recently we added a large composter and a raised bed to accommodate the many seedlings that have popped up from the perennials. This project is a great example of the dedication and expertise of our volunteers.