Photo contest for 2022

Our Annual (Professionally Judged) Photo contest returns! Please bring  your submissions to the September 2022 meeting.

Streetsville Horticultural Society
Photo Contest 2022
Class 1 “Fungi are the grand recyclers of the planet.” Paul Stamets
Class 2 “A host of golden daffodils, fluttering and dancing in the breeze.” William Wordsworth
Class 3 “What a lovely thing a rose is!” Arthur Conan Doyle
Class 4 “Close to you” – The Carpenters, leaf or leaves close up.
Class 5 “Ripe vegetables were magic to me.” Michael Pollan
These are the categories – NATURE RELATED
Suggestion: Keep this list in your camera case, your wallet or your pocket for reference when you are taking photos.

Photo Contest Rules:
• Closing date September 2022 meeting.
• All pictures must have been taken by the competitor and should be nature related.
• Coloured photos, unless otherwise specified, no larger than 4” x 6”.
• One entry per class per single membership.
• Two entries per class, one per person in a family membership.
• If photo does not meet category, it will be rejected.
• Previously submitted photos not allowed.
• Photos must have been taken in 2022.