Welcome to the Streetsville Horticultural Society


Do you love gardening? Are you concerned about Mississauga’s environment?

Whether you are a new gardener looking for support or an experienced one who is willing to share what you know, there is a place for you in Streetsville Horticultural Society. Even gardeners who have moved from homes into apartments and no longer actively garden are most welcome as volunteers.

Our main purpose is to beautify Mississauga through the planting of trees shrubs and flowers. We do this in a variety of ways either by planting them ourselves or assisting others or encouraging others to do it. Our Horticultural Society volunteers are busy each year with local community beautification projects such as the gardens at Leslie Log House, Rotary Park and Leisure World Long-Term Care Home in Streetsville. 

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June  11th, 2019


Streetsville United Church

274 Queen St. S Mississauga L5M 1L8

At the intersection of Queen St S and Barry Ave, Streetsville

Doors open 7:00 p.m.

Meeting starts 7:30 p.m.

Speaker of the Month

Carnivorous plants by Dennis Zhu.

“Dennis Zhu is an active member of the Carnivorous Plant Society of Canada and has been growing carnivorous plants since childhood. During his 7-year long journey working with these plants, his passion has been educating others on how to successfully cultivate them. He is currently a student studying biomedical sciences at the University of Guelph and volunteers in the plant labs in his spare time. Dennis currently propagates over 70 different species of carnivorous plants indoors, where he hopes to continue progressing the hobby in Canada. “