Flower Shows

The purpose of the flower show is five-fold:

  • To educate club members and the public;
  • To stimulate interest in horticulture and floral design;
  • To provide an outlet for creative expression;
  • To encourage community participation;
  • To have a project in which all members can participate.

Anyone can win; all you have to do is enter…GOOD LUCK!



Class 1           Bleeding Heart (Dicentra), any colour – 1 stem

Class 2           Branch, flowering – 36” or less

Class 3           Collection of small spring flowers, 5 different cultivars, attached foliage only – 1

                        entry per exhibitor

Class 4           Columbine (Aquilegia) – 1 spray

Class 5           Hellibore – any colour, 1 stem

Class 6           Iris, Tall bearded, over 27 inches – 1 stalk

Class 7           Iris, any other variety – 1 stalk

Class 8           Muscari – 3 stems, same variety, no foliage

Class 9           Narcissus, are cup, – 1 scape

Class 10         Narcissus, small cup, – 1 scape

Class 11         Narcissus, any other, – 1 scape

Class 12         Pilygonatum  (Solomon’s Seal) – 1 stem

Class 13         Rhubarb, 3 stalks, pulled not cut, leaves trimmed to 2” fan shape

Class 14         Tulips (Tulip) – single, 1 bloom

Class 15         Tulips (Tulip) – any other variety, 1 bloom

Class 16         Any other bulb, corm, rhizome or tuber not listed – 1 stem

Class 17         Any other Perennial not listed – 1 stem or bloom

DESIGN – Theme:  Spring Pallet

Class 18         “Green Man” – a design using only green plants.

N.B. All entries MUST be placed on the table by 7:15 p.m.  




  • One entry per exhibitor permitted in each CULTURAL and DESIGN class unless otherwise stated.
  • If two or more exhibitors share the same garden and wish to compete in the same CULTURAL class they must enter different cultivars. The cultivars must be named.
  • All entries are to be as it is stated, and in accordance to size in Ontario Judging and Exhibiting

Standards, Publication #34

  • Entry will be disqualified if not in accordance with the description of class.
  • Where a definite number is called for NO MORE or NO LESS shall be entered.
  • The use of protected or endangered native plants will disqualify the exhibit.
  • Decision of Judge(s) will be final.
  • No awards will be given for mediocre exhibits.
  • Exhibitors must supply own appropriate containers.
  • ONLY Show Committee may move entries in the Cultural Section for staging purposes.
  • Entries must be on the table by the stated time – 7:15 p.m. deadline and must be left on table until the show convener releases the entries. Times for entering will be strictly enforced.
  • The FLOWER SHOW HANDBOOK is available to be ordered from the OHA website.
  • “Best in Show” will be left to the discretion of the Judge.


  • Hot peppers - First place

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