Flower Shows

The Streetsville Horticultural Society (SHS) is active several times per year with flower shows for its members. The flower show provides an opportunity for the membership to show what they grow and share their successes with other members.

The SHS flower show schedule 2018is published online and is made up of two divisions: horticultural and design. The shows consist of floral designs created by SHS members and horticultural specimens grown in their gardens. The show includes flowers, plants, fruit, vegetables, floral designs and special exhibits.

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The purpose of the flower show is five-fold:

  • To educate club members and the public;
  • To stimulate interest in horticulture and floral design;
  • To provide an outlet for creative expression;
  • To encourage community participation;
  • To have a project in which all members can participate.

Anyone can win; all you have to do is enter.



  • Hot peppers - First place


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