2020 SHS Newsletters

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2019 SHS Newsletters

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2018 SHS Newsletters

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2017 SHS Newsletters

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2016 SHS Newsletters

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2015 SHS Newsletters

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2014 SHS Newsletters

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2013 SHS Newsletters

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2012 SHS Newsletters

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OHA Newsletters

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Royal Botanical Gardens Newsletters

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Riverwood Conservancy Newsletters

Resource Links

Seeds for Change

Seeds For Change (SFC) is a grass-roots community organization, partnered with the York Region Food Network (YRFN), to create healthier neighbourhoods through school and community gardens. We formed this organization to address many problems facing Canadians in the 21st century: obesity, diabetes, reduced physical outdoor activity natural deficit disorder, hunger, food security and disappearing agricultural land.

SFC’s school gardens and outdoor classrooms encompass organic cultivation methods and food production. Our community gardens foster multicultural and intergenerational relationships. We are facilitating York Region’s anticipated exponential growth, creating environmentally sustainable communities with a social conscience, increasing volunteerism throughout the region and emphasizing the importance of “giving back”.

Seeds For Change serves as a catalyst for all community gardeners who share the same vision of advocating positive change in promoting health and wellness.  We are linking like-minded organizations as we become a resource hub providing information in all aspects of cultivating urban/suburban arable land into gardens.  By providing related workshops, joint funding opportunities, how-to manuals, curriculum and lesson plans, training, seed exchanges, sharing resources and volunteer coordination, we will collectively deepen our roots and propel the food revolution.